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TPG’s Plans to Buy Fairfax Media Stalled, But Not ...

Private equity firm TPG might have suffered a blow to its plans of taking over Fairfax Media, but the US-based firm is unlikely to walk away from plan altogether. The Australian publisher still has value to offer for the firm but its next move is not known.   Surging stock price to stall the buyout attempts   DealMarket reported on [...]


Australia’s Fairfax Media Targeted by Private ...

Private equity firm TPG Capital is looking to make a move on the Australian Fairfax Media Ltd. The news of a possible bid broke out on Wednesday and the shares in Fairfax Media saw an immediate boost. However, TPG might not have set its eyes on the whole organisation and a possible sale might result in the breakup of the [...]


Carlyle Strikes a Deal to Buy Veritas for $8 Billion

  Private equity firm Carlyle Group is known for striking mega deals. It is set to make more headlines this year, as it announced on Tuesday a mega deal to buy Veritas, the data-storage company, for $8 billion. The deal is set to be the largest leveraged buyout of 2015 in the US.   The Deal   The private equity [...]


Chinese Private Equity Firm Launches a New Film Fund

  China’s film industry is currently booming and it looks like private equity firms are starting to get in on the action as well. China’s state-backed private equity firm, China Media Capital, announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with IMAX China to launch a new film fund.   The Fund’s Plan   The fund is set to have an [...]

Huffington Post Could Be The Next Target for Private Equity

Huffington Post Could Be The Next Target for Private...

One of the week’s biggest business news has been the announcement on Tuesday that Verizon is acquiring AOL. The announcement by the two prominent US companies created big headlines and launched speculation over a number of possible spin-off deals. The most prominent was the talk that AOL might be interested in selling off Huffington Post. According to analysts, the news [...]


Private Equity Firm CVC Plans to List Sunrise

The start of 2015 has seen plenty of initial public offering (IPO) announcements and Wednesday added yet another one into the mix. Sunrise, which is owned by the private equity firm CVC Capital Partners, is planning to list on the Swiss stock market.   Switzerland’s Second-Largest Telecoms Operator Sunrise is currently Switzerland’s second biggest telecoms operator and analysts expect the [...]


Trust in Finance Professionals Grows With a Social ...

Social media is everywhere. From hashtags on television shows to social account details on business cards, it’s impossible to escape the way it dominates our lives today.   Yet, it is still a relatively unknown world for many finance professionals.   Much of this is because social media takes time; something busy finance professionals often don’t have. Social media use [...]


Private Equity Online: Where Does Social Media Fit ...

The online presence of private equity is increasing all the time. Whether through sites such as ours here at DealMarket or other online equity like Angel List, or popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, opportunities for raising money online are becoming more accessible to a wider market. When speaking of online platforms, you have to mention social media. Where [...]


Hotcourses PE Deal to Make £35Million

UK headquartered Hotcourses, an online ‘marketplace’ for UK based adults looking to find educational courses at all levels, both online and offline, is set to be sold to independent private equity group Inflexion in a £35million deal, report Sky News and several other sources.   Hotcourses works by acquiring contracts with educational service providers to highlight and drive sign-ups and [...]


Two More Highly Valued Internet Startups Secure ...

This week two large rounds were announced for Internet platform providers, specifically Evernote and 1stdibs (first dibs). Evernote, which runs a notes-recording and publishing platform, confirmed that it raised USD 70 million in a deal that valued the web-based notes company at a billion dollars, according to TechCrunch.   The Series D  round for the software company is meant to [...]


Getty Images Acquired by PE Giant for $3.3 billion

The deal of the week looks to be the acquisition of Getty Images by Carlyle Group for USD 3.3 billion, according to Bloomberg. We reported speculation about the deal size earlier in the summer. So far the size of this deal makes it one of the largest PE transactions in the past year, according to the WSJ, which also said [...]