Innotec AG – Hybrid baking and vacuum cooling


December 5, 2014

Hybrid-bakery technology 

EBS strives to implement their experience, and finalize developement of a hybrid-bakery technology and vacuum cooling to keep bake goods fresher longer. We are both developing innovative devices and systems for the baking industy, and attempting for patents for more sustainable, ecological and profitable baking processes of our customers. 

EBS co-operates with engineering partners and suppliers for the creation and customer-tailored production of our devices.
EBS has acquired a number of potential customers, and has earned more than 20 orders in form of LOI ‘s securing a
turnover of CHF 5.5 – 8 m in the first phase. EBS has planned for a customer portfolio exceeding 120 machines in 5 years
to come with an estimated EBITDA of > CHF 2 m/year after 24 month

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