Innveri – the fresh way to preserve and process food


June 26, 2013

Swiss high-tech innovation: easy preparing, cooking & storing of food

In cooperation with strong int. industry partners, a young Swiss company achieved a breakthrough with a requirement oriented, sustainable and innovative solution for the daily food management of households.
Thanks to this, the technology of industrial protective atmosphere packaging is now available in a simple way to ordinary householders.
The food handling, cooking and fresh keeping are simplified and put into a new dimension. The outcomes are numerous benefits in terms of freshly harvested, bought, own prepared food, baby food, sport nutrition, age diet, etc. The food is safe packed, the shelf-life is extended up to 20 times.
In 2012, the concept was introduced in Switzerland (test market). Till now, it was already tested by several TV-documentaries, magazines and countless consumers. The results are more than impressive.
For a dynamic market development and int. expansion we are looking for:
• Growth financing EUR 1.5-2 million
• Partners for the int. market development

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