Invest in L.T. Fund's long-term Buy & Hold strategy focused on less than 30 stocks


June 13, 2013

With L.T. FUNDS you invest in long-term european Equity portfolio

THE L.T. FUNDS invest only with a 5+ year horizon and adopt a buy and hold strategy on a limited number of European stocks. The selection is based on products, corporate strategy and management. THE L.T. FUNDS do not leverage, trade positions nor deal in derivatives and the portfolio turnover is extremely low: in average stocks are held for about 8 years. The objective is to outperform a pre-agreed Total Return Benchmark. Superior and socially responsible with 14-year track record, the L.T. FUNDS claim compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards and is GIPS-verified by KPMG.

1999-2012 : + 158% vs. +41% for MSCI Europe Total Return Net
Same volatility as the market, monthly basis (10% below weekly basis)
Long-Term Buy & Hold strategy focused on less than 30 stocks
Turnover rate : every 9 years ; every 15 years when takeovers are excluded
Based on company fundamental anlysis, focused on EBITDA growth at a reasonnable price

66% Large Caps over EUR 5 Bn
25% Mid caps over EUR 500 Mn
9% small caps over EUR 100 Mn

Investment vehicle : Luxemburg registered mutual fund, UCITS IV compliant
Minimum investment : 1 share i.e. approx. EUR 180
Daily liquidity
No entry fee, no exit fee, no lock ups

Fund manager : Degroof Gestion Institutionnelle (AUMs EUR 24 Bn)

Fund size : EUR 67 Mn as of June 6th 2013.
Mandates : from EUR 10 Mn
Management fee : 1.40%
Outperformance fee : 20% with a non resettable HWM

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