IPO Markets Pop to Decade Highs


October 24, 2013

Global IPO activity is projected to reach nearly 200 deals in the third quarter with IPO proceeds of around USD 24.4 billion, according to EY’s latest quarterly Global IPO Trends Report.


For the first nine months of 2013, around 566 IPOs are expected to raise USD 94.8b. But that statistic does not tell the whole story, valuations for many of the IPOs have been robust, as has demand.


In an article entitled, Tech IPO Market Partying Like It’s (Almost) 1999, Yahoo Finance reports that the average one-month share-price gain for 2013 technology company IPOs is up to 39%, based on data from Dealogic.


It is the highest since the year 2000 but still a way off from the bubble era average return rate of 71% in 2000 and 142% gains in 1999 gains. This year 26 out of 145 IPOs have been technology companies, which is on par with the pace of the past few years, says Yahoo Finance.   (Image source: E&Y IPO Global Watch)

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