Jujo – SaaS for ebooks


February 26, 2015

 eBooks will be interactive

The digital publishing industry in the US alone is worth $15.6 billion. Self-publishing comes in at $1.9 billion. The worldwide market is estimated to be many times these figures. The traditional model of publishing books through large Publishing Houses is in deep crisis. Advances in technology and the explosion of the internet has made it possible for authors to write, edit and promote their books themselves. The next generation of eBooks will be interactive. The problem today is that creating interactive content is neither easy nor inexpensive. Enter Bookenberg™, Jujo’s patent pending, web-based, user-friendly approach to create the next generation of eBooks. The software uses professional-grade templates and “drag and drop” apps to create personally customized, interactive eBooks. Additionally, the Bookenberg™ platform offers a dedicated marketplace for authors to sell their books and for designers to sell their professionally created templates.

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