Jusatek Systems – Building and construction


December 18, 2014

Automated mixing & transferring technology

Lower Operation Cost. More Productivity. Less waste and clean environment with Jusatek Systems™  MC10, used for Mixing & Transferring dry-mix (Plaster, Mortar, Floor filler ) material on construction building site. Note, no concrete. Jusatek Systems™ partnership is a new service concept, a kind that does not exist in China (India). By using automated mixing & transferring technology there is a potential for savings and less waste. Labor costs are still rising so there is a need for an efficient and faster way of handling dry-material.

What: Full package (Dry material + machinery = Jusatek Systems™ Partnership) service 
To Whom: Construction builders, sub-contractor, Dry-mix material manufacturers 
How: Package delivered & served at construction site, builders buy ready surface instead of material,
machinery and other Image: “Lower Operation cost – More Productivity” less waste and clean environment.


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