Left Loyalty – Community building


April 23, 2015

Integrating mobile, beacons, internet and wifi
LEFT Loyalty SaaS is founded by Jeroen Janssen and Alex Schoone. The development stage is finished. Self funded. MRR realised. Now it’s time to boost sales. International strategy, with focus on emerging markets. VIDEO at https://vimeo.com/115694224. LEFT Loyalty is offering a SaaS platform which let (e-)retailers build their communities and brands by rewarding customer behaviour on social media, provided by branded mobile membercards and vouchers for 1:1 marketing. 
An example: “We will give you a free beer when you like our facebook post and invite 10 friends to come over to our restaurant.” 
We blur the lines between physical, mobile and online by integrating mobile, beacons, internet and wifi. Our customers will use our platform to determine the ROI of a campaign, to get a 360-degree insights, to convert their fans into loyal customers, to reach more potential customers using social communities and to build their unique brand and presence by gamification and relevancy.
For further information, please visit DealMarket.com
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