LPs Five Most Favored Fund Types 2012; Preqin


February 16, 2012

The latest Preqin Investor Outlook reports that investors in PE will remain cautious this. But a large majority of this group is also planning on making new commitments. Three-quarters of survey respondents said they are planning to make new investments or re-up in the coming 12 months.


Diving deeper into that topic, Preqin says that a large majority, 84% of investors that are planning to actively commit to funds in 2012 will consider forming new relationships this year, while 46% will consider investing in a fund before it holds a first close. DealMarket Digest decided to highlight here (see graphic from Preqin) the fund types that are most attractive to investors in 2012.


Clearly, small to mid-market buyout funds are on top, with 45% of respondents naming these fund types as “presenting good opportunities in the current market”. Distressed private equity and secondaries funds are also hot, with over a quarter (26%) expecting to allocate capital to distressed funds in 2012 and 16% seeking secondaries opportunities. Venture capital and large buyouts take fourth and fifth place.


One further note by Preqin is that the fund types presenting attractive opportunities vary depending on which region they are targeting. (Image Source. Preqin)

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