M&A Insider Says Activity Disappointing in Third Quarter


October 29, 2012

Global M&A activity was not at its usual levels in the third quarter this year compared to the same period last year with deal volume falling 16 % and deal value dropping by one fifth from USD 579 billion TO USD 461 billion, reports mergermarket in the latest issue of M&A Insider.


North America’s overall figures declined but it is the global hotspot with the an aggregate deal value at the highest level since Q1 2011, and the buyout and exit values in the private equity arena showed healthy year-on-year increases.


The US consumer sector showed higher-value deals: such as Kraft Foods’ spinoff of its snack business for USD 26 billion and Heineken’s move to acquire a majority stake in Asia-Pacific Breweries (APB) for USD 6.6 billion in July. Mergermarket says that this quarter is off to a slow start and is not following the activity level increase that is usual after summer holiday period. (Image source: mergermarket)

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