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M&A Mega Deals Bounce Back to Hit 7 Year High


April 30, 2014

Large sized M&A transactions (> USD 10 billion) volume has hit USD 319 billion this year, a 75% jump on the same period last year when USD 182.1 billion of such deals were done. It is the highest M&A volume of deals of this size since 2007 when USD 505.6bn was passed through 19 deals, according to dealogic.


In contrast, global M&A volume for deals of less than USD 500 million fell to USD 245 billion, which is the lowest since the same period in 2009. In EMEA, however, dealmakers are only seeing some evidence of this trend. The Americas is home to 60% market share, while Europe only has 32%, which leaves only 18% for the rest of the world. Healthcare and telecommunications are the hot sectors.


Elsewhere, Merrill DataSite reports that global M&A could be “due a notable uptick”. Compared to the same period last year, Q1 has seen overall deal value rise 39%, average transaction size increase 36% and PE exit value soar 211%.

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