M&A Talent Crunch: Recruiters Look Far and Wide


October 2, 2014

The boom in M&A and capital markets is no secret, just track dealogic’s market insights of late, but the back story to the resurgence is it is causing a hiring spree in London’s investment banks and the competition for talent is making it harder to find qualified dealmakers, according to efinancialnewscareers.


London’s top-tier investment banks have typically been open to hunting for talent amongst their peers in Paris or Frankfurt, but competition for recruits is causing them to look beyond the normal area to other parts of France and Germany, as well as Spain.


Competition is also driving compensation package hikes. DealMarket Digest’s editor notes anecdotal evidence here and here that suggests junior dealmakers could be more attracted to joining Family Offices and Private Equity funds these days, particularly because the conditions of employment are believed to be less stressful.


One of the most intriguing perks in the alternative investment universe we’ve come across lately is Richard Branson’s family office practice of giving its team, based in the US and UK, unlimited holidays, according to the Guardian.

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