MAH – Specialty garment manufacturer


October 10, 2014

Competitive cost advantage

The Company designs and manufactures (outsourced overseas) specialty garments and distributes to a broad range of over 180 Specialty Retailers out of a single U.S. facility. Self-contained design, photo shoot and graphic capabilities; Manufacturing outsourced overseas; Products warehoused in U.S., Customers given color catalogs from which to ‘advance order’, and those orders determine the items and quantities manufactured.


All accounts receivable are covered by insurance, i.e. no bad debt. Overseas manufacturing is a major competitive cost advantage versus competitors who manufacture domestically. Standardized quality is also a major advantage; products come ‘pre-packaged’ and ready for display. Extensive product lines with new designs, etc.; the Company is known for both product ‘sell through’ and for outstanding customer service.

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