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Fintech Firm Pushes the Banking Boundaries

Fintech Firm Pushes the Banking Boundaries

A mobile-only financial institution has taken a move towards acquiring a bank charter in the US. The fintech firm called Varo Money has filed a formal application and hopes to become a national bank. This private equity backed fintech firm is yet another firm to push the banking boundaries – while the authorities are trying to keep up with the [...]

Are Silicon Valley’s VCs Losing Interest in Fintech?

Are Silicon Valley’s VCs Losing Interest in ...

Fintech has been booming in recent years. Investors of all kinds have flocked towards the industry and new fintech startups have been popping up all over the globe. But a recent Inc. post suggests Silicon Valley’s VCs might be losing interest.   VCs not as big of a player in fintech   Fintech companies had a surge in investment from [...]


Modest Start to Global Fintech Investment in Q1 2017

KPMG has published its Pulse of Fintech, which covers the global fintech industry performance for Q1 of 2017. KMPG’s research finds global fintech investment to have a modest, yet solid start to the year, with a few strong performers to lead the way.   Global fintech investment falls slightly   The KMPG research shows the first three months of the [...]

Three Things to Remember when Investing in Quants: an Interview with Michael Richter

Three Things to Remember when Investing in Quants: ...

High net worth individual investor and 40 year financial services veteran Michael Richter shares his insights about due diligence on quants. Three things to remember when investing in quants Operational due diligence - how does your manager segregate controls Half lives, hypotheses and what to look out for before you invest Ask these questions when getting into the black box The [...]


Coller Capital Survey Reveals Zombie Funds

Slightly more than half of LPs in North America funds feel that their capital is locked into underperforming funds, or Zombie funds, according to the Global Private Equity Barometer, from Coller Capital, as reported by LBOwire.   The survey of 107 global institutional investors revealed that a majority of those surveyed would find “no solution for a majority or even [...]