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Private Equity Looking for Opportunities in Brazil

  Brazil is set to host the Olympic games next year with interest and excitement building on the streets of Rio. But at the same time, the Brazilian economy is faced with some massive challenges. Brazilian asset prices are plummeting, but analysts are calling for value investors to seek opportunities in the sector and perhaps help the economy get back [...]


BRIC’s Losing Share as PE Investors Look Elsewhere

The popularity of the BRIC countries within the private equity (PE) marketplace in recent years has been well documented. Brazil, Russia, India and China have enjoyed well over a decade of having the status of one of the countries to invest in if you’re looking for high returns.   However, with each of these four countries facing its own individual [...]


Where Will PE Funds Invest Their Cash Holdings?

We recently looked at the level of private equity (PE) capital that had not been invested in 2013. Although reported figures from Thomson Reuters and the UK Financial Times have the “dry powder” at a value approaching $800billion, within the PE marketplace analysts and commentators are talking of a “real” figure being nearer to $1trillion.   While fundraising has picked [...]