Mega Deals Drive Increase in PE Dealmaking in February


March 22, 2012

Private equity dealmaking saw a massive increase this month, from USD 8.5 billion to USD 20.6 billion, the highest it has been since October 2011, reports Zephyr.


The figure is also up on the year-ago period, when value stood at USD 19.9 billion. Interestingly, writes Zephyr, the volume of deals was actually down on the previous month, falling from 291 to 235, and indeed was the lowest it has been for the last two years.


This suggests that although fewer deals were done, the value of individual transactions has increased. A case in point, four deals with a value of >USD 1billion took place, the highest of these being the USD 7.1 billion buyout of US oil and gas business EP Energy by Access Industries.

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