MHS – Senior cottages


March 27, 2015

Innovative and unprecedented in Europe

Senior Cottage addresses one of the main demographic challenges modern countries are currently facing: an ageing population. We have developed a solution that’s innovative and unprecedented in Europe, aimed at people becoming dependent, but wishing to stay at home, though in need of an adapted, adaptable and safe accommodation. Furthermore, one of the key problem faced by people living at home in a state of dependency is the solitude, loneliness, poor diet and unreliable medication. Senior Cottage addresses all of these problems by installing a nice wooden house in the relatives’ backyard. The cottage can be fully equipped and connected for any kind of physical need whilst providing permanent social interaction and intergenerational bond. Started in 2013 and currently based in France, our company has already signed 3 contracts and have several more in the pipeline. We will start our international expansion in 2016.

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