Montagu Buys Third Healthcare Company of 2014


March 12, 2014

Montagu Private Equity continues to demonstrate their commitment to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, as well as how important the sector has become to their overall portfolio and business plan.


Private Equity News reported that Montagu secured a €300million deal to buy French company Arkopharma, a family founded, owned, and run business. The Rombi family will remain in charge of the day-to-day business management and operations at Arkopharma.


The other deals completed by Montagu in the sector in 2014 so far are their $805million acquisition of Rexam’s healthcare divisions, as covered by ourselves here, and the €200million purchase of Dorc, a Dutch manufacturer of instruments used in eye surgery.


As well as being a prominent name in the French pharmaceutical industry, Arkopharma also has a substantial presence in Spain and Italy. Overall, the company’s current annual sales are circa €200million, and they employee in excess of 1300 individuals (both figures courtesy of Private Equity News).


For all of Montagu’s focus on the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries, they are yet to make similar investments in terms of any specific areas. In addition to eye surgery instruments, Montagu’s 2014 acquisitions have brought them opportunities in healthcare devices and prescription retailing through Rexam, and now areas including dietary supplements and natural medicine. These acquisitions also complement their existing healthcare and pharmaceutical portfolio.


Arkopharma Chief Executive Philippe Rombi told Private Equity News, “We are delighted with the prospects of partnering with Montagu. Its deep expertise in the healthcare sector will be a major asset for the company.


It [the capital generated from the buyout and the partnership with Montagu] will enable us to further develop the company through significant investments in innovation and our production capacity.”


It is unknown how much more capital Montagu has available for further investment, nor if they will be continuing to target the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, but they are not the only private equity firm moving swiftly throughout the early months of 2014.

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