New UK Mid-Mkt Fund Opens Up It Portfolio Database to LPs


February 1, 2012

Both Reuters and the Telegraph reported news that Nicola Horlick, a high profile finance industry executive, along with former 3i executives and Hotbed, an angel fund club,  have launched Rockpool Investments to target the UK mid-market. Rockpool enables its investor club to make direct investments. Something unique about Rockpool is that it is offering investors that join its network an iPad and pre-paid Internet access so that communication between clients and advisors flows easily.


The newspaper report said that access to the firm’s database containing management information from portfolio companies is provided. It will also send new investment offers via the iPad. In the Telegraph article Horlick was quoted: “People say that private equity is high risk. But the truth of the matter is that the investor has far more information than you would with a quoted company. So in many ways it’s less risky, as long as they [the investments] are chosen wisely and properly monitored.” ….”

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