Niklas Zennstrom’s Atomico Fund Targeting Brazilian Startups


March 1, 2012

Atomico, the venture capital fund established by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom has made its second investment in Brazil, the company said in a statement . It recently invested in Connectparts, an online vendor specialized in auto accessories, and a top seller on Brazil’s eBay daughter company MercadoLibre, according to Hispanic Business.


The article says that Zennstrom became aware of opportunities in South America through his earlier startups, Kazaa as well as Skype, where Brazil was one of its largest markets.  He learned more about the country’s online ventures through eBay’s acquisition of Skype when he met the founders of eBay’s largest e-commerce site, MercadoLibre.


That connection has enabled him to participate in dealflow in the region. Atomico has also recently invested in Bebe Store, a baby products company based in Sao Paul, through this connection, as well as several deals in Argentina, according the report.

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