Non-bank Lenders to Boost Buyout M&A Activity


February 27, 2014

With tech M&A at the highest levels since the dotcom boom, what is happening in other parts of the market, asks CNBC in a report about private equity investment trends. The answer is that IPO markets will continue to be receptive to PE-backed issues and leveraged buyouts will likely increase.


Including leverage there is about half a trillion dollars of capital available for buyout activity, according Robin Doumar, managing partner at Park Square Capital in an interview on CNBC. He predicts that buyouts in Europe will increase. Such deals, according to Doumar, have been dampened due to debt and financing difficulties but that is changing with the rise of “non-bank lenders”, which means larger M&A deals are increasingly feasible again.


“You can put together multi billion buyout of 3 to 4 billion euros, which was not doable since the crisis,” said Doumar.

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