PE Deal Value Soars Boosted by Two Blockbuster Transactions; Zephyr


March 21, 2013

The value of global private equity transactions more than tripled in February 2013 to a new year-high of USD 60.4 billion, up from USD 18 billion in January 2013, according to Zephyr’s latest numbers and analysis. The value is also more than double the USD 22.7 billion recorded for February 2012.


The total value of PE transactions was boosted by two blockbuster deals, HJ Heinz Company and Dell Inc, which combined are worth USD 52.4 billion, or 87 per cent of the month’s total. Important to note, says Zephyr, is that despite the improvement in monetary terms, volume failed to follow suit, declining 40 per cent to a new 12 month-low of just 202 deals from 337 in January.


Volume was also down 27 per cent from February 2012 when 278 private equity transactions were signed off. (Image source: Zephyr M&A Portal)

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