PE Directs To Increase in 2015 for Family Offices


February 12, 2015

The authors of the Campden Wealth Global Family Office Report say that this year will be the “year of private equity” for global family office investing. A survey revealed that 9% of investing will be in direct venture capital or private equity, with a further 8% in private equity funds. The trend is expected to increase but only at the rate that family offices add due diligence capacity.
Other findings
• Professionalisation: developing staff and structures to transfer authority to either family members or non-family executives.
• Impact Investing: Family offices are seeking to professionalise their philanthropic functions and are looking to develop their ability to measure the impact of giving.
• Expanding across borders: Multiple jurisdictions with expansion of a presence beyond the home territory. Networks are vital for this trend.
• Alternative finance: Developing investments to provide non-bank lending – a possible new niche in alternative investments for family offices.

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