PE Execs Making Top Dollar on Wall Street


February 27, 2014

Private equity executives are at the top when it comes to compensation these days, outpunching their peers in the investment banking sector, according to BW. Leon Black, top executive at Apollo Global recently earned about USD 369 million, while Blackstone’s Stephen Schwarzman, will net about USD 311 million, and KKR’s top men, George Roberts and Henry Kravis earned USD 165 million and USD 161 million, respectively, while Carlyle’s David Rubenstein, William Conway, and Daniel D’Aniello are each slated to receive USD 88.4 million for 2013.

BW contrasted these pay packages with those of executives at investment banks like Goldman Sachs (USD 23 million) and JP Morgan (USD 20 million), and added that the annual minimum wage in the US is just about USD 15K per annum. To put the Wall Street figures into perspective, your DM Digest editor selected a graph that shows personnel cost averages in Swiss Francs for five leading Swiss banks. (Image source: efinancialnews)


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