PE Heavyweight’s Fundraising Down by 17% : PEI Research


May 8, 2013

The top 50 PE fund managers have raised 17% less capital over the past five years, down to USD 586 billion, compared to a five year period starting  in 2007, according to an article in reporting on a study of the 300 biggest companies by PEI.


The image above shows the top 10 funds by size globally.  The article says that in 2007 there were 18 megafunds alone, which raised more than USD 182 billion from investors. Other notable news is that Asia now equals Europe in terms of the number of private equity groups in the top 300, with 53 in each region.


The US continues to dominate, however, with 171 of the largest 300 groups, including 18 of the top 20. Some notable firms have not returned to the fundraising trail including Lehman Brothers and ABN Amro, and London-based Candover Investments. (Image Source: PEI)

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