PE Pops but Global M&A Drops


July 4, 2013

Global private equity investment was up in the first half of this year, according to Zephyr’s latest research. “The results went some way to making up for the disappointing M&A figures,” say its analysts pointing to a 14 per cent increase in value to USD 200 billion.


That is an increase of USD 175 billion over the same period last year. The figure is the highest recorded since the first half of 2008, said Zephyr.


The figures for M&A were less thrilling, with total value falling compared to the same period last year by 15 per cent from USD 1,762 billion to USD 1,498 billion.


The figure is down 24 per cent on the post financial crisis half-year period of 2009, when USD 1,960 billion was recorded, and comes to less than half the USD 3,145 billion recorded in H1 2007. Volume totals did not fare any better, said Zephyr. The US continues to be the most favored target country both by number of deals done and value.

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