PEI Research Reveals New York is PE Central


May 3, 2012

Private Equity International magazine (PEI) released its top 300 PE firms this week. Among the findings, New York is the base for the largest pool of PE capital.  VC Circle offered up an analysis, which we combined with PEI’s below to list the key findings.

Key Findings

  • The top 50 PE groups saw fundraising (total of past five years) drop for fourth year in a row
  • Greater New York is the center of the private equity universe, says VC Circle, hosting firms with capital totaling more than three times its nearest rival, London.
  • TPG is the largest based on fundraising over the past five years. Its strength is that it offers a range of growth capital, venture, and special situations funds. It’s also a global operation with locations in North America and Western Europe, but also Brazil, Russia and China.
  • Investors show preference for targeted investments over the giant buyout funds.
  • In total, the 300 firms which made the 2012 list have raised USD 1.3 trillion in the last five years.
  • The top 50 firms raised USD 704 billion of that total.
  • The amount raised by smaller firms is steadily rising, from USD 524 billion in 2009 to USD 606 billion now.
  • CVC Capital and Apax are the only two non-US-based firms to make it into the top 10, in sixth and seventh place.
  • The PEI 300 always throws up some interesting results. This year, for example, Abraaj Capital, CDH Investments, JC Flowers & Co, and Oaktree Capital Management were some of the firms to have risen further up the rankings for the third year running. Some firms, like Permira, Charterhouse, and Madison Dearborn Partners, have slipped in the rankings due to their fundraising cycles: 2006-vintage funds no longer count towards a firm’s total.
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