Polybrain – MicroVitae S.A.S.


May 2, 2013

Micro Bio Electronic devices manufacturer wants to scale the business

MicroVitae Technologies S.A.S. discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative and unique medical monitoring devices for functional tests based on micro-technologies (Medical Segments: Hearing and Epilepsy).  ElectroCorticoGraphy (ECoG) and SEEG (Stereotaxy ElectroEncephaloGram) may be performed either in the operating theater during surgery (intraoperative ECoG and SEEG) or after surgery (post-operative clinical ECoG & SEEG).  µV EEG and Evoked Potentials allow to record brain activity via non invasive consumable dry surface electrodes. µV aims at demonstrating disruptive, fast prototyped solutions. µV runs on both PC-Windows and MAC-OS with embedded Wireless Options.

µV has patented electrophysiological flexible and consumable micro-electrodes as well as know-how to develop neural signal acquisition. EN ISO 13485:2003 & CE 0459 LNE/GMED certifications. First sales of µV-ABR  was in 2011 (EC approval) and in 2012 French distributor was appointed.


For more information about the deal, please click here.

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