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Preqin Confirms Where the Women Are in PE


May 22, 2014

A research note from Preqin this week revealed that female senior execs are more prevalent by a large margin on the LP side than in the GP side of the private equity industry. Women account for 22% of institutional investors’ senior private equity investment professionals compared to just 11% of senior roles at private equity firms, reports Preqin. The data confirms what has long been observed when looking at the gender and title of speakers and panelists at PE industry conferences, at least by the DealMarket Digest’s editor.


Preqin says that North America-based institutional investors employ women in senior private equity positions at 26%, while PE firms employ women at about 11%. Institutional investors based in Asia-Pacific have a higher proportion of women at 17% in private equity investment staff, and in Europe, women account for 17%, compared to 12% for private equity firms based in Asia-Pacific and 9.7% for firms based in Europe. Women are best represented in senior private equity roles at foundations (37%), followed by endowment plans (32%) and government agencies (27%). (Image source: Preqin)

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