Private Equity Branding Needs Improvement


March 26, 2015

While PE professionals may be great a creating value in portfolio companies by establishing quick growing and exciting new brands, as well as revitalizing old languishing consumer brands, they themselves are slow to establish a strong brand that resonates with investors.


Too many PE firms have chosen names that are so plain vanilla that they sound and look similar to each other, which has actually led to some lawsuits as firms grow internationally, according to Private Equity Beat. No doubt, the branding lag is a result of private equity’s traditionally low profile and air of secrecy, but the industry is becoming increasingly competitive and regulation makes it less viable to operate in the background or below the radar, which all means that differentiation by branding is more important than ever. Better branding can boost dealflow, improve fundraising trajectories, attract talent, and, apparently, avoid lawsuits.

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