Project 88 – Integrated meat business


March 5, 2015

An expert management team

JB Equity is a private equity firm and an advisory boutique based in Edinburgh, UK. Our focus is exclusively on Agritech, agribusiness and food sector companies. Our international management team are the world’s leading industry experts who deliver unparalleled technical and operational synergies to all investments. We are currently presenting a direct investment opportunity into a market leading meat production and processing company located in Serbia, which has a long history of successful revenue and earnings growth. With this investment, you will have the opportunity of investing into an expert management team who have a clear and robust development plan that will position the investment as an internationally recognised brand. Several European development banks have already made commitments to debt finance the CAPEX of EUR 74 million, required to rollout the expansion plan. Overall, a Gross 35% IRR is expected.

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