Quote of the Week: Who’s who


December 9, 2011

“The guys on my mailing list are a who’s who of Silicon Valley.”


Who said it: TJ Rodgers, founder of Cypress Semiconductor and angel investor


Context: The comment was made about why the buyers of Rodgers’ new Pinot Noir label would care about having a 100 dollar microchip on each bottle, according to a Reuters report describing a recent tour of his winery. Rodgers has undertaken the California-based winemaking venture with his wife Valeta and seems to be taking it on with a dash of self-irony. He’s reportedly using some old methods of producing wine but also some high-tech developed by Cypress engineers, according to Reuters, to measure sugar content, liquid pressure and other critical factors in the winemaking process and then send data back to Rodgers’ computer for analysis and monitoring. Image source: Clos de la Tech


Where we found it: Reuters

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