Quote of the Week: A WEF Controversy


January 26, 2012

“The fight over the right to have a glimpse the future of economics was easily the WEF’s most controversial moment so far.”

Who said it: Francesco Guerrera, WSJ reporter
In Context: Outside the doors of a panel discussion at this week’s WEF Forum, a WSJ journalist observed a heated battle. The controversy was not about economics, rather access to the room that hosted the panel discussion. A group of want-to-be attendees were being denied entry to the “The Future of Economics” discussion because the room was fully occupied. On the panel were eight economists and top business executives, such as Robert J.Shiller, the Yale professor best known for his work on the housing market, and Columbia University’s Joseph E. Stiglitz, a well-known economics author and economist, as well as Josef Ackermann of Deutsche Bank. At least two of the panelists were Nobel prize winners. The journalist said a small crowd gathered at the door and became irritated when they were refused access to the room. A “visibly angry” female executive accused the WEF organizers of moving the interesting panel to a smaller room than previously advertised, even though the official program listed the right room. And there was even a private equity executive who, ever the dealmaker, tried to strike a deal by suggesting the group outside the door be allowed in to at least see whether there was any space.


Where we found it: WSJ Blogs

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