Quote of the Week: Ad Tech Startups


October 1, 2012

“Online advertising spending has grown by a factor of 7x between 2002 and 2011. Forecasts predict double digit growth in online ad expenditure reaching close to USD 100 billion in 2014.”


Who said it: Nicolas von Bülow (l) and Antoine Ganancia (r) in a Clipperton Finance whitepape


In Context:  The boutique investment bank, based in Paris, sees a huge opportunity in online and mobile advertising technology and innovations. Its report makes the case for new kinds of “branding-oriented” marketing and points out that a lot of the most popular websites just do not work for advertisers. The solution to that issue is emerging and it will further blur the lines between branding and performance marketing through the use of innovative formats, measuring technologies and improved targeting.  The winners will be those than can leverage the “vast inefficiencies” of today’s online advertisement market. Clipperton provides a surprisingly long list of European ad tech companies in the report that will be contenders in the coming battle to find a profitable tech solution. But the report does not offer the answer.


Where we found it: Clipperton Ad-Tech White Paper

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