Quote of the Week: An Enviable Funnel


March 28, 2014

We have consciously dedicated substantial resources to building out our investment platform so that we can select from an even larger and increasing set of investment opportunities.


Who said it: André Frei, Partner and Co-CEO Partners Group (Switzerland)

In Context: Partners Group announced its annual figures this week, reporting a healthy performance and growth for the year 2013, which is the source of the quote above. Frei’s statement refers to the remarkably privileged deal flow that Partners Group experiences. For example, it screened 764 PE direct deals last year and USD 69.6 in billion in secondary PE transactions. According to its annual report, a highly selective investment approach means a 97% decline rate on all investments screened. The graphic here illustrates its enviable deal flow funnel in 2013.

Partners Group is one that can be given the label smart money investor. It has become a major player in private equity, as an institutional investor, as direct investor, and as debt finance provider in the past decade or so.

It clearly sees its main business line as being PE and the figures back up that claim, specifically it has EUR 20.1 billion in private equity, EUR 4.9 billion private real estate, EUR 3.0 billion pri
vate infrastructure and EUR 3.4 billion private debt. It is worth noting Partners Group has EUR 31.6 billion in assets under management and a head count that is trending towards 1000 professionals employed around the globe.  (Image source: Partners Group)

Where we found it: Partners Group Website

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