Quote of the Week: B-to-B Investment Returns Large for VC


October 24, 2013

“When we invest in health technology, we are really looking at business-centric digital health technology companies. We see opportunities in Healthcare, connecting things that are happening in the consumer world back to the business constituents on the health plan, medical providers’ side…”


Who said it: Kevin Spain, General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners


In Context: We’re quoting Kevin Spain this week on where the next big thing will be in healthcare technology. Why? As mentioned above IPO markets have been good for exiting PE industry investors this year. One of the most outstanding we came across this week was achieved by his early stage venture capital fund at Emergence Capital. BW reports that the IPO of its portfolio company Veeva, will potentially return the firm’s 300 times its investment and that the cash returned could end up being more than six times its USD 200 million fund it raised in 2007, if the post-IPO stock price holds or gains until lockups end in six months. The fund’s LPs include California Public Employees’ Retirement System and the University of Michigan, according to Tech Deals blog, published by Bloomberg. Emergence was an early investor in cloud computing and enterprise software as a service segments. While other VCs were investing consumer Internet in the latter part of the last decade, Emergence stuck to BtoB. Its approach is now paying off. Now it is looking at verticals, such as digital healthcare.


Where we found it: TechCrunch

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