Quote of the Week – Billions and Cleantech


June 17, 2012

“GS to invest or finance $40 billion in clean tech over next decade. Details in new sustainability report...”


Who said it: @GoldmanSachs


In Context: Goldman Sachs started to use Twitter about a month ago and one of its first announcements was that it plans to invest USD 40 billion over the next decade into renewable energy projects. Several media sources picked up the tweet, including Reuters, which reported that the investment bank sees the profit opportunities of the same dimension as those of emerging markets back in 2001. GS has already invested USD 4.8 billion in clean technology companies globally, and co-invested more than USD 500 million in that area. Investments and financings are expected in the areas of solar, wind, hydro, and biomass energy plants, as well as energy efficiency and environmental technologies. The article quoted a somewhat skeptical view that the storied investment bank was investing the money in order to improve its public profile and image, after in the face of recent negative media and shareholder sentiment.


Where we found it: @Goldmann Sachs

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