Quote of the Week: Bubble Mitigating Advice for Impact Investors


December 4, 2014

“We’re making sure that there’s a little bit of a moderating voice, hopefully getting ahead of the potential hype or bubble… All around the world, the next generation and women wealth holders are thinking more about social impact. It’s got a lot of potential but that doesn’t mean that it’s without flaws.”


Who said it: Abigail Noble, Associate Director, Investing Initiatives World Economic Forum


In Context: People like Bill Gates, Pierre Omidyar (founder of eBay) and Steve Case (co-founder founder of AOL) are some high-profile social impact investors who are inspiring others to emulate them. Indeed, at a recent WEF event in in Brazil for ultra-high-net-worth families on impact investing there were more people than seats, according to Abigail Noble in a Bloomberg interview upon the release of a primer on Impact Investing published by her employer. The current level of capital committed to impact investing is estimated to be about USD 40 billion. It is expected to increase due to demographic changes and the sheer increase in the number of wealthy, as well as the fact that the wealthy are becoming wealthier. There is room to grow and a wide scope of opportunity is presented in the WEF report, including, real estate, private equity, and even debt products. The unique risks for this type of investment, as well as more general risks for family offices are described, with pointers to research and resources for further investigation. Winning social impact investment strategies or best practices are also provided in the report.


Where we found it: Bloomberg

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