Quote of the Week: Business Tech Paradigm Shift Spells Opportunity


July 11, 2013

“There are certainly other people interested in business technology now, and it’s certainly back in fashion. But the magnitude of the opportunity just far outstrips the resources that have been arrayed to fund and develop them. This is the biggest paradigm shift that Gaurav and I think we’ll ever see in our career. Almost every incumbent is threatened.”


Who said it: Peter Wagner co-founder of Wing Venture Partners.


In Context: Wagner made the above statement in an AllThingsD exclusive interview where he revealed some details about a new Silicon Valley VC fund he’s amassing to make early-stage investments in enterprise-focused companies. Wagner’s co-founder Guarav Garg, formerly of Sequoia, have been using their own capital since 2011to invest in startups like CloudPhysics, Instart Logic, Platfora and Shape Security, FireEye, MobileIron and Nimble Storage. The focus will be on building companies locally – no plans to do international deals – in cloud computing, mobile technology and working with data. Wagner spent 15 years at Accel before starting Wing Venture Partners.


Where we found it: AllThingsD

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