Quote of the Week: Carmen Busquets


January 12, 2012

I decided that if I made enough money I would reinvest it and risk it on new ideas and new companies, rather than have it in my bank and then have somebody lose it.


Who said it: Carmen Busquets, the Venezuelan luxury-goods maven, founder of CoutureLab, and a venture capital investor who made a profit of almost GBP100m from the sale of online luxury fashion website Net-a-Porter last year.


In Context: Busquets made the comment when she was interviewed about her investment style and strategy in England’s Telegraph newspaper last year when she announced acquiring a 5% stake in Lookk.com, an innovative designer fashion shopping and style site in London, which originally was founded in Vienna. Other investors in the Internet startup include venture capital group Eden Ventures, Kima Ventures, a fund created by Xavier Niel, a French Internet billionaire and owner of Le Monde newspaper, among others. Image source: couturelab


Where we found it: The Telegraph

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