Quote of the Week: Embedded in a PE Bootcamp


May 4, 2012

“You make investments in people. We believe that North American manufacturing deserves to exist.”


Who said it: John Stewart, Monomoy Capital Partners

: In a BusinessWeek cover story based on a journalist’s experience at a week-long “bootcamp” for entrepreneurs, John Stewart talks about investing in the US. The bootcamp is one of the services Monomoy Capital Partners, a small mid-market PE company, offer its portfolio company executives. Each year Monomoy sends about 20 of its portfolio entrepreneurs on a mission to explore the operations of a portfolio company to improve efficiency. This time a journalist participated and his view of the experience was positive, despite the chainsaw wielding executive in the photo used to illustrate the story (See thumbnail image left). The statement about North American manufacturing came about when Stewart was explaining that if a business can get costs down, there’s no reason not to make things in the US. As a PE investor, he feels that offshoring carries political risks and incurs supply-chain costs, and it can prove difficult to teach the US culture to a foreign workforce. (Image Source: Monomoy Capital Partners; Thumbnail image source: BW website)


Where we found it: BW

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