Quote of the Week: Entrepreneurs’ High-Impact


December 11, 2013

“To create and maintain economically stable communities, it takes a diverse blend of high-impact entrepreneurs. The capital markets need them. The economy needs them. And most of all, our communities need them…”


Who Said It: Bryan Pearce, Americas Director Entrepreneur Of The Year and Venture Capital Advisory  Group Leader


In Context: Private equity and venture capital companies are entrepreneurial but their real strength is working with and nurturing great entrepreneurs running businesses, so it is fitting that we highlight some research on entrepreneurs by EY this week. On the occasion of its 27th annual “EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, EY analyzed the performance of more than 650 nominated entrepreneurs that are running quick growing companies to find the key success factors, and put out a report about it last month. It describes in detail the qualities, concerns and performance of the candidates for the award. These entrepreneurs are running both public and private companies. They particularly excel in the areas of revenue growth, with median sales growth of more than 30% per year in each of the last two years, and headcount, with the average headcount of more than 30% per year in each of the last two years. Most of the finalists are running privately owned companies, representing 88% of the finalists for the awards.

Where we found it: The vital entrepreneur: High impact at its best

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