Quote of the Week: Extreme Discretion


August 23, 2012

“Silicon Valley is full of tight-lipped executives who fear divulging their companies’ technological secrets. Then there’s Martin Casado, co-founder of networking startup Nicira, who won’t even disclose where he used to work.”


Who said it:  Richard Nieva


In Context:  Martin Casado (pictured here), the 35 year old Spanish-born co-founder of Nicira and recently minted multi-millionaire, has to be discrete about where he worked after completing his computer science degree from Northern Arizona University in 2000 because he apparently was employed by US-government intelligence agency to ensure that computer networks were “smart and flexible” enough to withstand any calamity, after 9/11, including a hostile act.  In the process he discovered that the government’s data networks were hopelessly outmoded and in many cases couldn’t share important information among agencies. That work formed the basis of stealthy Nicira’s first products which are now being licensed by big names like eBay, Rackspace, AT&T and Nicira received some USD50 million in funding from brand name VCs, Andreessen Horowitz and NEA. Image source: Nicira website.


Where we found it Fortune

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