Quote of the Week: From PE Partner to Winemaking Entrepreneur


October 31, 2013

“There’s a great joy in creating a product outdoors in one of the most beautiful places in the world… This morning I was out walking through a vineyard to see if we were ready to pick, and the fog was burning off and the sun was coming up and the birds were chirping. Pretty great way to spend your workday.”


Who said it: William “Bill” Price III


In context: The quote is from former TPG private equity partner, Bill Price who now spends part of his time investing in and building a thriving California wine business, according to a feature article in Forbes where we found the quote. His California grown wines are high-end and high-margin, which no doubt has established winemaking labels standing up and taking notice. He is a co-founder and a partner emeritus of TPG Capital, which he left in 2006 for personal pursuits.


He controls seven wine brands and five vineyards, including Classic Wines, and Price Family Vineyards, Durell Vineyard and Gap’s Crown Vineyard, to name a few. Classic Wines has ownership interests in Kistler, Buccella, Three Sticks and LUTUM. Price is chairman of Kosta Browne Winery and Gary Farrell Winery, according to Lutum’s website.  Price was involved with all of TPG’s investments, most notably Beringer, Continental Airlines, Petco, Ducati and Grohe, according to Wikipedia. (Image source: Lutum)


Where we found it: Forbes

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