Quote of the Week : Google’s Larry Page on 10X


February 11, 2013

“Page expects his employees to create products and services that are 10 times better than the competition. That means he isn’t satisfied with discovering a couple of hidden efficiencies or tweaking code to achieve modest gains. Thousand-percent improvement requires rethinking problems entirely, exploring the edges of what’s technically possible, and having a lot more fun in the process.”


Who said it. Steven Levy, Wired magazine


In Context: Preview


When private equity experts talk about a ten-X deal, it means one thing but when Larry Page, CEO and cofounder of Google, talks about ten x or ten times better, he’s describing the high goals he sets for Google’s product and R&D teams. The “moon shot” kind of activity is underway at Google, according to a Wired profile of Page by Steven Levy this week. In Page’s view, a ten percent improvement means that a company is doing pretty much the same thing as everybody else. It might not be a fail strategy, and yet it is not going to be a great success-story either. It is the philosophy behind the search giants R&D effort, Google X, which is running projects on a self-driving car, a wearable computing system and an “artificial brain”, in which a cluster of computers running advanced algorithms learn from the world around them, much like humans do. (Image source: Google Jobs website)


Where we found it: WIRED

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