Quote of the Week: In Praise of Going Private


December 11, 2014

It’s been much easier managing the business through a private entity… I think you could see some more based on the discussions I’ve been having with other colleagues.”


Who said it: Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc.


In Context: Dell took his company private last year after wrangling with activist investors. He founded it in 1984 when he was 19 and took it public in 1988. He’s happy about the result of the take private so far, according to an interview in Bloomberg. He says he now has 20 percent more free time and can better focus on long-term strategy, and is not forced to make decisions that benefit shareholders in the short-term but may not sustain the operation and growth of the business over the long-term. Dell’s move is apparently serving as a role model for other hardware makers that want to run their companies outside of the spotlight of public markets. He did not mention the names of the CEOs from other companies, except to say that some of them are even bigger than Dell. It was valued at about USD 25 billion in the take private deal.


Where we found it: Bloomberg

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