Quote of the Week: Powerful Women


March 22, 2012

“We want women who want to be on the “Most Powerful Women’s” list.”


Who said it: Amanda Pouchot co-founder of women’s networking and social job search startup Levo League.


Contex: Pouchot was quoted in a report on the successful seed financing of her startup company Levo League in the US. Investors include several high profile businesswomen as angel investors, and endorsers. Pouchot is referring to the Fortune “Most Powerful Women” rankings in the quote. The Levo League is a kind of LinkedIn for professional women. Its backers are Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Lyne, the chairman of discount designer fashion website Gilt Group and creator of Desperate Housewives, and serial entrepreneur Gina Bianchini who ran Ning and is now an executive in residence at Andreesen, Horowitz and founder of MyBell, a social media startup. Their site invites women to “connect with women like you. Learn from the most powerful women in their fields. Land your dream job.”

Co-founder Caroline Ghosn, whose father is the Carlos Ghosn who heads up Nissan/Renault and Pouchot worked with Pouchot on PYP (Pretty Young Professionals), an earlier startup with similar goals to Levo, but “infighting led to a split from two other partners”, says the article. Ghosn and Pouchot have convinced 100 companies, including AOL (AOL), Pfizer, and Teach for America, to post job openings on their site. The companies pay a fee, but job-seekers and other visitors use Levo for free. (Image source: Levo League)


Where we found it: CNN

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