Quote of the Week : Matchmaking GPs and LPs


June 1, 2012

“Our ambition is to unite the fragmented, multi-trillion dollar global private equity fund community.”


Who said it: Antoine Dréan, founder and CEO of Palico SAS and founder of Triago.


Context:  PE Hub profiles the launch of Palico, a new platform for matching PE funds, LPs, and secondary deals. Dréan is a Wharton B-school graduate and French private equity innovator. He founded placement agent Triago while at university and runs a hedge fund that agitates for shareholder value of listed private equity funds. He says the portal does not aim to put placement agents out of business. Palico is a flat-fee subscription based service, with rates differing by the business activity of the subscriber. The report says that membership is about 50% LP, 30% GP and 10% advisors, which means it is an LP-heavy database, so far.  (Image Source: Bloomberg TV via Youtube)

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