Quote of the Week: New model for the next decade


February 5, 2015

In short, some Giants are realizing that harvesting PE Alpha in the decade to come will require breaking the existing model and doing things differently.


Who Said It: Ashby Monk, Executive Director, Stanford Global Projects Center


In Context:  The Giants that Dr Ashby Monk speaks of are multi-billion fund managers, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and endowments who are investing in private equity as a part of the portfolio for growth and wealth preservation. He  offers six insights on what LPs can do to improve relationships with GPs and avoid overpaying for popular funds and vintages, and to ensure alignment of interest. His perspective is fresh and the insights are long term strategies, not quick fixes.  For example, seeding new GP teams but only after establishing a network of contacts and credibility as a co-investor which can take several years. (Image source: Institutional Investor)


Where we found it: Institutional Investor

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