Quote of the Week: Outliers and Risking Stupid Investments


May 8, 2013

 “It’s in the nature of venture capital and start-up investing that there are always stupid investments. The problem is that you never know which ones are which. I get these things as wrong as anybody else. But if you’re afraid to make any investments that might be stupid, you’ll never get any big winners—because the big outlier winners tend to look crazy at the start.”


Who said it: Marc Andreesen, co-founder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz.


In Context: In an interview with an editor of Harvard Business Review, Marc Andreessen talks about the complex challenges in current technology investments, the hazards of missing  a good investment, and how large tech companies sometimes initiate takeover talks just to “screw up” the business of a startup company for 18 months.


The tech entrepreneur turned venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, a Menlo Park venture capital fund, has lots more to say on preparing for IPOs, handling compliance, lean startups, cloud computing, and  how software is changing almost industries far beyond what was foreseen as recently as a decade ago. (Image Source: Forbes Video Wochit  Tech)


Where we found it: HBR

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